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"This ebook is definitely worth the investment. Our NEMT is still growing and I am looking for way to keep my vehicles on the road while we are building. I read Carlos' ebook last night, created an account on the online forum, and we received a $45 package delivery this morning. We are $2 away from recovering our investment!"

Long life to Joel and Carlos...

Wody Wodella Transportation

"…Amazing! I had many questions…But the Courier Business Ebook had all the answers. [This] Ebook is definitely a guide I will use as I grow my business."

- Victor Duck

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

Welcome to the Courier and Small Package Delivery Service - an essential service universal in demand, easy to start, and provides diverse money-making opportunities.

Coupled with a climate of increasing inflation and budget cuts, the need for outsourcing courier services to independent contractors such as us is further compounded.

And, when I say "limited startup capital," I can't be more accurate. As an independent contractor you can literally start your business with your own vehicle! It can't get any easier or more cost effective.And a cost effective business means a profitable business!

As founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group and author of the online best-selling ebook HOW TO BUILD A MILLION DOLLAR MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY I am well experienced and well versed in the transportation industry. My company performed courier services for area hospitals, nursing facilities, and doctor offices.

Based upon my first hand experience in both the NEMT and courier business, and in working with entrepreneurs from around the country, I can assure you that the need for our mission-essential services is very much in demand!

Because I wish for you to take advantage of such opportunities, I'm very pleased to endorse and share with you an ebook specifically about getting started in the courier business. It is written by a good friend of mine, Carlos Banks.

Many of you probably know or recognize Carlos from some of the videos and interviews I posted on my websites over the last few years.

In 2006, after studying my ebook, Carlos left a 20 year career with the UPS to start his own Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business, "THE WHEELCHAIR TAXI, Inc." As the demand for his medical transportation service grew, so did the requests for courier related transportation.

In an effort to diversify and increase business, Carlos incorporated "QUICK TIME COURIER, LLC" in 2010. Since then, both his ambulette and courier transportation businesses have continued to flourish.

In leveraging his 20 years of delivery experience with UPS and his success in the NEMT business, Carlos decided to write "HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL COURIER AND SMALL PACKAGE DELIVERY SERVICE." After reviewing and considering his ebook, I offered to share it with our Million Dollar Transportation Community.

There are several attributes that corporations, hospitals, law firms, and businesses of all sizes are attracted to in smaller courier services such as us versus global delivery services such as UPS, Fedex, USPS and the like.

These attributes include (1) same day delivery, (2) reduced cost, (3) flexibility, (4) multiple deliveries and pickups per day, and (5) less regulation or shipping procedures. Now seriously, especially in a troubled economy, what business doesn't want such conveniences and cost savings?

Hello, Joel. My name is Victor Duck and I am trying to launch my own courier business and it has definitely been a strenuous process as this is my first business endeavor.

But I can't tell you one thing. The Courier Business Ebook that Carlos Banks wrote is amazing! I had many questions and I would plant myself in front of the computer for hours trying to find answers. But the Courier Business Ebook had all the answers to my current questions. That Ebook is definitely a guide I will use as I grow my business.

I haven't met you personally, but in the Ebook, Carlos references you often. In saying that, I appreciate what you and Carlos do as far as helping others. It's hard to succeed when there is no predecessor to surpass or to learn from. Once again, thanks for all you do.

NEWS FLASH - As Gas Prices Increase So Does the Demand for Your Courier Service

If You're New to the Transportation Industry

If you're not yet in the transportation industry but realize the opportunity and would like to profit from the growing demand, I'm going to give you a FREE copy of my "TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY ROAD MAP."

I designed this resource to help illustrate and explain the pros and cons of each way you can penetrate the transportation industry within your local community. Like many others, I am sure that you will find this resource to be helpful and insightful.

In my "ROAD MAP" I reiterate how cost effective it is to start a courier and delivery service. You can literally start with your own vehicle, insurance and regulation is negligible at best, there is far less training in terms of drivers and employees, and there is more flexibility in terms of time and delivery.

My "ROAD MAP" is a FREE, complimentary resource in addition to Carlos' ebook!

Carlos' ebook and my "ROAD MAP" are both offered in ebook format ONLY. You will be able to download them immediately following your investment.

A Five Star Comparative Compliment of Services

As you can see, starting a courier service is a very cost effective and easily managed operation. All the pros and cons are in your favor!

And, starting a courier business is even easier if you're already in the transportation industry. If you already own a non-emergency medical transportation company you already have vehicles, drivers, insurance, contacts and more! It's a perfect expansion for your existing service!

Leveraging What You Already Have

For me, and later Carlos, we both had great opportunities when expanding into the courier business. Respectively, we were already operating successful non-emergency medical transportation companies. This allowed us to leverage existing infrastructure and relationships to become successful in the courier business.

Ironically enough, in my business, we were actually solicited by two hospitals in which we were already contracted with to perform medical transports. Because of our ability and professional reputation, the hospital's Support Services encouraged us to bid on the pending courier contract for which we were tasked with transporting everything from paperwork, files, samples, equipment and more.

Had I not already had a medical transportation business, I would not have been solicited let alone in the position to accommodate such a contract.

With an existing transportation business, expanding into the courier business is a natural progression. You'll be able to leverage your existing fleet, clients, and relationships to keep your drivers business and generating revenue.

The medical transportation industry is a growing niche market for which both the elderly population and the medical industry are booming - they're exploding! If you haven't yet read my best-selling ebook, I definitely encourage you to invest in HOW TO BUILD A MILLION DOLLAR MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY.

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    Joel E. Davis
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